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This Is Our Story

ReWild Marquette exterior

ReWild comes as the third and latest addition to our business family. First, there was The Gathered Earth, which began in Appleton, Wisconsin, sparking our love for unique gifts and products with a story. This moved with us to Marquette, Michigan, where we later opened Seiche Stone Company, born out of conversations with our Gathered Earth community and an overwhelming sense of want for a crystal and stone shop where they could find items to help facilitate their spiritual journeys. ReWild is a combination of both. 


In creating this new space, we have tried to find products that will inspire people to be more creative and feel more connected to the people and world around them. We have always tried to listen intently to our community and bring in products that reflect the values and interests of the people in Marquette. ReWild will continue to change and grow over time as we listen to our community. We feel that Third Street itself is growing in a positive direction and we are thrilled to be apart of it. We can't wait to share our newest adventure with the Marquette community and its visitors. 


-The ReWild Family

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